“Look at adversity as the lesson that moves you towards your goal, not the obstacle that keeps your from it”

Lewis Howes

This is me! NHS worker; working full time whilst squeezing in as much knowledge, workouts, feeds (myself!) and self improvement as I possibly.

Someone once told me I should write a book about my life, but let’s face it, blogging shaves a fuck loada time and money off the whole process and both are precious. I do not feel my life is anymore interesting than that of the person that just walked past my window mouthing off to their friend whilst chuffing on a fag; but I figure commentating on life is all in the delivery. And I do some stupid arse things a LOT of the time and broadcast them to my audience in an entertaining enough way that I guess gets a few laughs.

I’m not here for the humour, but mostly just to share my loves and passions with others who at this time may be looking for alternative ways to fill their head space that doesn’t involve NETFLIX! I try and live my life each day learning something new and conquering my fears. In the current climate with such uncertainty and change it is important to focus on perspective and challenge all of our adversities. Looking after my mind and body is key; hence the title of the blog!

Perhaps you can take some meaning away from this space and join me to rise up against current fears whilst becoming a fucking champion. Whether it be through working out like a warrior, cooking like an absolute chief or just opening your mind and allowing yourself to grow! I hope you are innovated if only just a little!

The Qualities I Aspire to….

  • To always maintain a belief in myself, in what I reach and in the people I am trying to inspire
  • To challenge those beliefs everyday and push limits to always achieve higher and greater things
  • To always be try and encourage my own energy and be mindful that PERSPECTIVE IS EVERYTHING!
  • To use myself as my biggester inspiration of all
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